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School Aims


  • It is the school’s aim to provide each child with an education tailored to his/her own individual needs.

  • We aim to develop self-reliance and initiative and are constantly aware of the need of society that we develop the whole child in order that he/she may take up a useful position in that society.

  • Pupils will be given opportunities to pursue individual enthusiasm and will learn to share in co-operative enterprises.

  • To inform and involve parents and carers as part of a partnership which fosters positive attitudes in the children and allows them to achieve their potential.

  • To ensure the best possible provision for pupils with special educational needs and to promote understanding and concern for those needs within our school community.

  • To support the Council’s policies that aim to promote a truly integrated multi- racial society.

  • To ensure that all staff have continuing professional development opportunities to allow them to fulfil their role in achieving our aims.