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Staffing Update

A very warm welcome to Miss Karen Taylor who is joining the permanent staff team in Garrowhill. Miss Taylor will be covering P7b on Mondays and P4/3 on Fridays to release our Principal Teachers for leadership work across the school. Miss Taylor will also have responsibility this session for P1a, p1b and P2/1 for one afternoon per week. We all wish her well in her new post.



Mr Reilly, our janitor, has a very special birthday at the end of February and has decided that he will retire from his post after 16 years working for Glasgow and Cordia. Mr Reilly’s last day with us here in school will be 23rd March.

We would all like to thank him for the service he has given to the staff, children and parents in the school over his years with us and wish him lots of happiness with the new adventures ahead.


Parent Pay

Thank you to all who have now activated their accounts for Parent Pay. Please remember this is not optional and does not only apply to parents using our café. All families will need an account in order to pay for school related item such as outings when they occur. Any balances from our Revalve machines in school as well as any negative balance from monies owed from lunch arrears up to 19th January,  should be successfully transferred over to parent pay account this week. Please remember to set yourself an alert to prevent your account going into arrears. School staff will not discuss balances with children as this may cause them unnecessary anxiety.


We are very appreciative of your patience during this time of transition, please continue to allow a few days for balances and payments to show up on accounts.


Positive Behaviour Policy

We will soon be posting our revised behaviour policy in the policy area of our website. All children now understand that excellent behaviour is the expectation all of the time. In working together to achieve this, we can develop a school where everyone learns safely and is respectful to others. This was something our children highlighted in their feedback to staff about behaviour. If you receive a text from school informing you that staff have had a conversation with your child about classroom or playground behaviour, please support the staff by discussing the school code of conduct BRAVE; belief, respect, ambition, virtue and equity.


School Uniform
Our uniform is important to us and we encourage all children to wear it. Many children now prefer their shirt and tie with grey trousers/skirts and a burgundy jumper, cardigan or sweatshirt. If not wearing the shirt and tie uniform, we ask that polo shirts and sweatshirts are ordered through our uniform supplier. These badged items are available all year round and can be delivered to your home or collected at school.